Private access. Privileged encounters. Unforgettable moments.

Our story, philosophy and services

We are a team of media professionals, all passionate about Paris and driven by the desire to bring the art of storytelling to the world of travel.

With the highest journalistic standards and attention to every detail, we open private doors, create privileged encounters, produce unforgettable memories to cherish and share.
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Our unique team of media professionals and storytellers pride themselves on sharing personal stories and knowledge in the most compelling manner possible.


Every one of our Journeys includes exclusive access and the opportunity to meet the very people whose work and expertise bring each location to life.


Our authors, writers, journalists, photographers, chefs, professional speakers and guides are the most engaging experts you will encounter.



Whether you are inquiring about a leisure or business trip, we will identify, plan, and tailor the best experiences to exceed your expectations.


Our versatile staff and vast network make it possible to organize a memorable visit and/or mark a special event with private access in Paris's unparalleled locations.


We will help you capture unforgettable travel moments, in print or digital format, with our team of talented journalists, photographers and videographers.