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Versailles Royal Stables

At the pinnacle of French horsemanship, the Royal Stables of the Palace of Versailles welcome you to an unforgettable, private visit. Just in front of the palace, an expert guide will open the doors to the majestic compound, designed by the top architect of Louis XIV, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, and completed in 1682. Now the home of the Equestrian Academy of Versailles, founded by the celebrated maestro Bartabas in 2003, the Royal Stables have become the venue for a unique troupe of riders, horses, dancers, fencers, musicians, and practitioners of Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery. With your guide, you’ll visit the superb purebreds of the Academy, including the magnificent Lusitanians that so fascinated the Sun King. You’ll then have privileged seating for the show, “La Voie de l’écuyer,” or “The Way of the Cavalier,” showcasing world-class horsemanship and choreography. Afterward, you’ll enjoy a glass of champagne with one of the troupe members.


A PRIVILEGED WELCOME at the Equestrian Academyof Versailles by an expert storyteller from the academy.

A PRESENTATION of the different types of horseswith the storyteller.

A PRIVATE VISIT to the Grand Stable of the Kingand a behind-the-scenes look at the Academy founded by Bartabas.

LEARN how Bartabas transformed the Royal ridingarena into a stage for his choreography of performers and horses.

SEE THE SHOW “The Way of the Cavalier” withreserved seats in the third and fourth rows.

MEET A RIDER from the troupe while enjoying acocktail or flute of champagne in a private room near the palace.

A DISCUSSION of the techniques of dressage thatyou just saw during the show.

THE GIFT of a special English edition of the“Connaissance des Arts” magazine produced by the academy.


Every Sunday, from 1:30 pm to 5 pm

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