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The Art of Storytelling

Our expert storytellers are inspiring and captivating personalities. The Journeys crafted by Secret Journeys are as unique as the guests that seek them. Each one is created as a personalized experience, designed and led by the people who have made Paris their life's work and have fascinating stories to tell.


Benoît is a food aficionado, consultant and journalist who loves sharing his passion for royal history.


Caroline’s fascination with Paris dates back to childhood visits from her native Burgundy.


With a History of Art degree from the famed École du Louvre, Charlotte loves sharing her knowledge of history, art, and literature.


For Claire, studying art history in Provence inspired a life-long passion for France’s legendary artists.


Elaine is a contributing writer for The New York Times and the author of "The Seine: The River That Made Paris."


Emmanuelle is one of the few experts of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte.


US-born Erica loves helping people decode the mysteries of her adopted hometown.


Jean-Jacques is the expert you want to go backstage with at the Paris Opera House


Although she’s lived here for over 20 years, Jessica’s love affair with Paris is as intense as ever.


An expert in 20th-century art, Karine loves to share the stories behind her favorite artworks.


Laurence is passionate about Montmartre and knows intimately the story behind its vineyard "Le Clos Montmartre."


Lily is a Canadian journalist and writer, living in Paris and expert on all things romantic in the city of light and love.


Born in Brittany, Marie loves sharing her passion for the history and art of Paris.


A former ballet journalist, Martine is a specialist in the art of dressage at the Royal Stables of Versailles.


Randa traded the corporate world for la vie parisienne and a new career sharing the city’s secrets.


Sophia is a wine expert and the founder of Madame Wine.


Thierry is a photojournalist and author whose work appeared on the BBC, Canal+ and 60 minutes.