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Randa traded the corporate world for la vie parisienne and a new career sharing the city’s secrets.

Randa studied advertising at the University of Texas, Austin, but the memory of a childhood trip to Paris had left an indelible impression. In 2011 she traded life in the corporate world for la vie parisienne “with its almond croissants and sunset picnics,” which ultimately led to a new career and finding love with a Frenchman.

Studying French history and civilization at the Sorbonne ignited a passion for sharing the city’s hidden history, secret corners, and tastiest treats. When Randa isn’t guiding visitors through medieval cobblestone streets or showing them her favorite spots, you’ll find her people-watching on a café terrace or introducing her young daughter to the art of the Parisian picnic.

“As travelers, we often don't remember the details or dates of what we discover, but instead the overarching stories that stay in our minds long after we've returned home. The stories we hear on our travels (and there are so many to be found in Paris!) ultimately become the happy memories we share with others.”  

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