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Seine River

In Paris, the Seine is undergoing a transformation. There’s a new floating art museum, Fluctuart, miles of car-free pedestrian roadways, workout equipment, and spaces to eat, drink, and sunbathe. The banks of the Seine offer some of the most pleasant paths in Paris for walking, running, and biking.

With Secret Journeys, you will be taken away from the banks and onto the waters of the Seine for a river cruise that will show you the landmarks of Paris like you have never seen them before. With the storytelling and Seine expertise of Elaine Sciolino, former New York Times Paris Bureau Chief and award winning author of The Seine: the River that Made Paris, Secret Journeys will bring all of the comfort and quality of on land experiences straight to the surface of the Seine for an unforgettable and immersive cruising experience.

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Secrets of the Seine

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