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A Partnership Made to Measure

Secret Journeys joins Virtuoso where passionate professionals co-create experiential luxury travel on five continents.

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Since its founding in 2018, Secret Journeys Paris has prided itself on offering its guests privileged access and unforgettable experiences, based on an unparalleled network of experts in history, heritage, craftsmanship, storytelling, and the uniquely French art de vivre.

So it’s fitting that, just five years later, Secret Journeys should join forces with Virtuoso – the leading global network of luxury travel advisors. Virtuoso works with top destinations and a vetted portfolio of the best travel brands globally. Travelers who book through Virtuoso tap into a world of in-the-know expertise, unbelievable travel perks, support throughout their travels, and – most importantly – warmer welcomes, deeper connections, and superior experiences in the places they visit.

Now, Secret Journeys will be part of that network as a Virtuoso “Preferred Supplier” – an elite group that includes such storied names in luxury tourism as Abercrombie & Kent, Access Travel, and Adams & Butler. Virtuoso agencies and their clients will now have access to Secret Journeys’ portfolio of journeys and experiences through the Virtuoso website, www.virtuoso.com

Secret Journeys will contribute to and benefit from the global growth of Virtuoso, which has seen its network of travel agencies and advisors increase by 5% in the past year, to 21,000 advisors in 54 countries.

“We are very honored and excited to join Virtuoso. We already work closely with many Virtuoso members worldwide and our membership will strengthen these existing collaborations, and help us develop many new personal relationships with travel experts who are looking for a different take on what Paris and France have to offer” declares Philippe Hertzberg

Secret Journeys and Virtuoso share many bedrock principles. One of those is careful selection – of people, places to explore, and experiences to enjoy. Virtuoso has said for years that it wanted to expand its network in Europe, but it has studiously avoided setting public targets, preferring to move only when it has found the right partner. 

Sustainability is also a high priority for both enterprises – as it is for their guests. Internal research done by Virtuoso shows that 75 percent of travelers in the luxury sector believe it is important to know that their funds are being used to promote responsible travel, with respect for sites, people, and the environment.

"We are thrilled to welcome Secret Journeys to the Virtuoso family of global on-sites," Matthew Upchurch, Chief Executive Officer of Virtuoso, said. "I am impressed with Philippe's singular vision, his storytelling expertise, and his exceptional talent at creating one-of-a-kind experiences. Moreover, Philippe and I share a passion for travel as a force for good".

“I believe that the power of our quality storytelling allows us to inspire a strong desire to preserve France’s heritage and protect. Thanks to the right partners, from gastronomy to transportation, we are able to share an engaging story about sustainability.” adds Philippe Hertzberg

With their mutual focus on exclusivity, uniqueness, and preservation of cultural heritage and the planet, Virtuoso and Secret Journeys are reinventing luxury travel for a new age.

To learn more about how Secret Journeys and Virtuoso are working together, visit www.virtuoso.com

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