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Janine Eberle

As writer and editorial consultant, Janine helps shape our experiences.

Janine spent many years inspiring and helping people discover the world with Lonely Planet, based in Melbourne. With Paris as her adopted hometown, she combines travel writing, copywriting and content strategy. As writer, editor and content consultant, Janine helps shape Secret Journey’s experiences and share them with our audience of fellow Paris-lovers on social media.

You’ve had a long career in travel content, working with  guidebook publishers, airlines and online travel agents. What is so special about travel?

For me it boils down to curiosity. How do people live, there? What’s it like to be there? What does it smell like and (very importantly for me) taste like? My career started at Lonely Planet where we also explored off-the-beaten-track places, but even when writing about well-trodden destinations it was always about capturing a sense of adventure. I think even for the most high-end experiences in the most accessible places, it’s adventure when you open your sense of curiosity. The secret is in your mindset.

In the internet age we’re all interacting with massive amounts of content daily. For you, what makes good content?

Content has become a commodity and in that sense it’s very action-focussed – the ‘good content’ of any single person is the content that answers the question they searched for. And that fits a definition of good content! I like the content that you might stumble across, that doesn’t necessarily answer specific questions but maybe raises new ones, that sparks curiosity or leads you to a new line of enquiry. Well-made, well-researched content that teaches you something, and that hums with the engagement and passion of its creator.

Why Paris?

Coming from such a young country as Australia, there's a richness of history and tradition here that I never get tired of exploring. The fact that you can turn a corner and find a fragment of 13th-century city wall or the place where a guillotine used to stand – the city is littered with relics of history that present new worlds of stories to discover. It’s one of the things that keeps me here. And it’s why I love the mission of Secret Journeys – helping visitors who might only be here for a short while have that same experience of stumbling across something unknown and fascinating.

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