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Maggie Mixon

Maggie, our intern, works on everything from the website to marketing.

Maggie, a Georgia native, is a journalist and business intern at Secret Journeys and an undergraduate student in International Business Administration and Global Communications at the American University of Paris.

From our Gazette news section:

Why did you decide to come to Paris to study and how do you think being in the City of Light adds to your educational experience? 

The summer after my freshman year at George Washington University, I was a volunteer English teacher in Hungary and Slovakia. While there, I realized that there was so much outside of the United States, and I couldn’t wait to see and experience. I realized that being young gave me the flexibility to act. So, I moved to Paris and quickly found out that Paris is like a classroom on every corner. 

How are you contributing to Secret Journeys, and what made you select this internship opportunity? 

I found out about Secret Journeys through the internship office at my school, the American University of Paris, where I study international business and global communications. With Secret Journeys, I help develop new Journeys and make sure that they run smoothly and with the utmost quality for our guests. 

Tell us about your favorite Paris destinations. Do you already have a preferred Secret Journey? 

Secret Journeys has given me a bit of a crash course in the history of 19th-century Paris through our Montmartre and Plaine Monceau Journeys. Through our work crafting these journeys around amazing hidden gems like the Montmartre Museum with Thierry Secretan and the Jean-Jacques Henner museum with Lily Heise, I’ve realized that I was actually meant to live in Montmartre during the Belle Époque. Since that kind of time travel is impossible, the closest I can come is spending time on site with one of our expert storytellers. That’s the true reward of this job.

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