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Sophie Stuber

Sophie is a contributing writer for our publications.

A freelance journalist based in Paris, Sophie is a graduate of Stanford University and is pursuing masters degrees in journalism and human rights at Sciences Po in Paris. She has worked as a reporter and photographer for the Telluride Daily Planet in Colorado and contributed research to Elaine Sciolino's new book, "The Seine: The River That Made Paris."

From our Gazette news section:

If you were given the assignment to write an article called “Paris Through Sophie’s Eyes,” what would you write about?

Any of my friends will tell you that I am REALLY into coffee. Craft coffee in Paris is an industry beyond the simple café experience, there are so many places to go: Belleville Brûlerie focuses on small-batch production, ethically sourced coffee beans, and high quality drinks. Back in Black, Strada, Louistic, Lactem, Coutume, and Fragments are also some of my favorites.

Along with studying journalism at Sciences Po, you also work as a research assistant for Elaine Sciolino, a former New York Times Paris Bureau Chief as well as one of our storytellers. What role do you feel mentors have played in your development as a journalist outside of the classroom?

As a journalist, good mentors and editors are absolutely essential. Journalism can be a tough field, especially now when there are fewer jobs and much more freelancing. I’ve been lucky enough to have fantastic mentors and editors who have supported me as a reporter, given me critical feedback, and held me accountable for producing sharp, factually accurate stories on deadline. I’m particularly grateful to Elaine Sciolino, and Justin Criado and Suzanne Cheavens, my editors at the Telluride Daily Planet

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