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The word Gazette embodies many of our attributes: a compelling combination of storytelling, journalism, and context.

Gazzetta was Italian for a 16th-century coin that happened to be the price of the first Venetian newspaper. The French gave the word a Gallic twist in the 17th century as a label for the first newspapers in Paris.
Nov 2020

Top Gear for Your Next Trips

How technology and style are making travel experiences memorable and, above all, safe.

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Sep 2020

Immersed in Belle Époque art and elegance

Step into the Henner Museum, in a mansion in what was once Paris’ most chic neighborhood, and fly back in time to late 19th century society and culture.

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Jul 2020

Bringing the Art of Storytelling From Podcast to Print

No matter how serious the dilemma, “Paris On Air” invites readers to find humor and comfort in the author’s misfortune.

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Jun 2020

A Recovery Story - Part II

Sounds of the Opera kept in a vault for 100 years.

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